Hey! I’m Kyle. I’m 28 years old living in Atlanta and currently working in the travel industry. I discovered the joy of traveling when I was 24 when right after college I had the unique opportunity to work for a non-profit organization called¬†Make a Difference¬†in Tanzania for 6 months. The experience changed me, and since then I’ve always been looking to travel more and explore the world as much as I can, and I thought this blog would be a great way to share some stories I’ve had along the way, as well as give some tips and tricks to anyone looking to explore!

Since Tanzania in 2012, I’ve solo backpacked across Europe, hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, climbed Kilimanjaro, visited Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, hiked the 211 mile John Muir Trail in California, and spent a couple of weeks in Northern India. I always have more trips on my list and constantly planning for any future ones.

I also have a cat named Doug.IMG_2270